EasyRye – from Finland

EasyRye is a crispy-sweet innovation from Finland. A treat made with beneficial high-quality ingredients that you can enjoy absolutely guilt-free. 

The benefits of high-grade cocoa and Finnish rye are finally combined, making EasyRye perfect for indulgence as well as nourishment. 

Nutritionally diverse, easy to carry and tasty – EasyRye will give you energy and enjoyment at the gym, while running, at your desk or during studies. They contain several nutrients that are beneficial for your wellbeing, including iron, which can give you a boost when you need it#.

Finlandia Candy

Finlandia Candy is a Finnish candy manufacturer. EasyRye comes from Suomussalmi, along with other premium chocolate sweets and popular candy drops. Our second facility is in Riihikoski, where we design sweets for your enjoyment. Our history in the Finnish candy industry dates back to 1967. 

Today, Finlandia Candy continues to develop new, exciting sweets from choice ingredients to provide you with experiences that are nothing short of pristine.