Introducing the crispy-sweet EasyRye. Indulgence is now a virtue.

The new crispy-sweet EasyRye chocolate candy is a dream come true. Seductively sweet on the outside, surprisingly crispy on the inside, it’s a snack you can enjoy guilt-free – even daily.

Savour the taste of smooth, delicious chocolate followed by the delightful crisp of puffed rye. The chocolate is made with only the finest cocoa, and our pure rye has grown gently in Finland’s unique climate..

EasyRye is an unprecedented new product from Finland. The well-known health benefits# of rye and cocoa are finally combined into a delicious treat. EasyRye is never a guilty pleasure!

Choose the rich and sumptuous EasyRye Dark Chocolate or the gently rewarding EasyRye Milk Chocolate..

So good (for you)

It’s always a good time to pamper yourself, so EasyRye makes for a great indulgence. But it’s also a great snack while exercising, hiking, in school or at work. Whenever you need a bit of energy that tastes oh soooo good.

#EasyRye contains many nutrients that are beneficial for your wellbeing. They contain iron, which helps you beat fatigue. EasyRye Dark Chocolate is high in fibre and contains magnesium, which promotes natural energy metabolism. EasyRye Milk Chocolate is a good source of fibre as well.